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Katahdin to the St. John Valley
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Deer On The Move

Yesterday was just too nice to work on websites so I headed out to take pictures. I figured if I got lucky I might see a deer or two. I was shooting in black and white when I saw these 3:

After looking me over real good these three decided to head in the oppsite direction. I figured there might me more of them around and decided to switch to color, I had just finished adjusting my camera when these 3 showed up:

All of them looked a lot healthier than they did after last year's winter snow fall.

Maine's Birthday

Maine became a state on this date after having been part of Mass.

Black & White

Have been doing a little black and white photography this winter.


I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday out on our local snowmobile trails and can report that even though we got a lot of rain the night before that the trails are still in great shape. It was a relatively warm weekend day so a majority of the people who passed me by as I walked the trails taking pictures were Moms and Dads with their little ones.
Oh and they tell me that the big round object in the sky...they call that the sun!!

Picture Taking

Today should turn out to be a great day for photo taking, temps should be close to 40. For us, this winter, that's like a heatwave. We got lots of rain last night but the temps haven't gone down below freezing yet so it shouldn't be too hard to get around...of course I haven't stepped out the door yet, but we'll see. Soon...okay well in about 2 months...spring will be here.

I like it!

It works, we've recently added a Northern Maine Gifts product line in our Zazzle store, and within that line we have "Vintage Maine" products which feature antiques. Mostly stuff you'd have found around a Maine farm in the old days. Like old trucks, tractors, horses...


You can check it out right here if you'd like:

Zazzle Store

On the left is a link to "Northern Maine Gifts".

Just testing...

...I'm just testing this new feature.

Our new Zazzle store.

Snowmobile Trails

These northern Maine photos were taken after an ice storm.

Spring's Almost Here...

...okay well this is northern Maine and I'm dreaming. I got up this morning and it was -15 degrees, definate longjohn weather. Well I'm done complaining for today, I will now post some photos of our snowmobile trails.